Welcome to Recomposition. Our site hosts our writings as well as material for discussion by our friends and comrades, and material reposted from other sites.

If you’re looking for more to read or somewhere to start, check out some of the pieces on struggles by Canadian postal workers, and some of the stories about people’s experiences of waged work and life on the job. We also ran a series of posts that we liked about work, sleep and dreams.

The editors of Recomposition are Adam Weaver, John O’Reilly, Juan Conatz, Laurence Bilodeau, Luigi Rinaldi, Madaline Dreyfus, Marianne Garneau, Monica Kostas, Nate Hawthorne, Phinneas Gage, Rachel Stafford, and Scott Nappalos. We are all members of the Industrial Workers of the World but our views are our own. We do not represent the IWW or anyone else’s official views. The group of us come from diverse traditions of revolutionary politics. We met and became friends and comrades through collaborating on different workplace, union, and political projects. We are particularly interested in waged work, workplace organizing, and the role of workplace struggle in building towards a revolutionary society. We think we have an original perspective, and we recognize that our perspective is partial and will continue to change.

We set up this site to share the thoughts we’re developing, and to help ourselves further develop our perspective through writing. We don’t necessarily all agree with everything on the site. We hope the pieces of writing here can be debated and used by workplace organizers and revolutionaries, while at the same time deepening our own thinking and practice.

Please get in touch with us if you have anything you want to discuss. You can contact us privately by emailing us at recomposition.blog[AT]gmail[DOT]com. We have an announcement email list for people who want to know when we post a new article. It’s low traffic, about one email every week or two. If you want to be on that list, email us. You can also follow us on twitter or facebook.

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