May 1st 630pm EST Lines of Work Book Launch Live in Miami!

PrintThe South Florida IWW and Recomposition present a live online launch of the new book Lines of Work on 630pm EST May 1st. Two authors will present the book at a Miami bookstore, Books & Books, with readings from the text and discussion. For those outside South Florida, you can tune in by checking the Live stream address the day of the event. The text brings together stories of work and workers from the US, Canada, and the Uk reflecting on their experiences grappling with what they do to earn a living, and struggling for something better.

“Half our waking hours are spent on the job, consuming the lion’s share of our time. Our years are woven with stories of work told around the dinner table, breakroom, and bars. Yet these stories are rarely put into print, investigated, or seen as they should be; as part of workers’ activity to understand and change their lot under capitalism.

LINES OF WORK offers a rare look at life and social relationships viewed from the cubicle, cash register, hospital, factory, and job site. Drawn from the writings of Recomposition, an online project of worker radicals, the text brings together organizers from a handful of countries sharing their experiences with the trouble of working and fighting back.

Rather than professional writers or activists, the authors are workers reflecting on their experiences, aspirations, and how to improve our situation. Through storytelling, they draw out the lessons of workplace woes, offering new paths and perspectives for social change and a new world.”

About the authors:

Scott Nikolas Nappalos lives and works as a nurse in Miami, Fl. He is a part of the editorial group of Recomposition, an online publication of worker stories, history, and analysis of workplace organizing. For over a decade he has organized with the Industrial Workers of the World. In his off time, he works on philosophy, history, political theory, and workers literature. His works have been published by AK press, PM press, Black Cat Press, Turbulence, the Industrial Worker, Thoughtcrime Ink, and Anarcho-syndicalist Review. Presently, he is finishing a manuscript of philosophy about political methodologies, action, cognition, and the concept of emergence.

Monica Kostas is an Argentine graphic artist living in Miami. She is a member of the South Florida Industrial Workers of the World, and also a part of the online publication, Recomposition. She regularly contributes artwork, translations, and writings to the IWW, and other political projects. Her work focuses on workplace organizing, Anarchism, and promoting worker stories. In her free time, she likes to travel and illustrate portraits.