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On being shit-canned



Workers often say that the fear of firings is one of the main reasons it’s so hard to get people to fight back. The power that bosses hold over workers through firings can put them on the curb for standing up. This fear is often unspoken, but present everyday in our workplaces. This piece we share explores how truly arbitrary that power is and its effects. When bosses can hurt us and sometimes ruin lives without any reason at all, it also reminds us why we need to organize.

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A View from the Plains: on organizing in smaller areas of the Midwest

A couple of us in Recomposition are from the Midwestern United States. Unfortunately  besides some of the more major metro areas such as Chicago, Minneapolis or Detroit, you don’t hear about the efforts of radicals in the numerous small and medium sized towns and cities in the region. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything happening there.

R. Spourgitis of Wild Rose Collective wrote the following article about the differences and challenges of organizing in smaller areas, focusing on his experience in Iowa City, a college town with a population of 70,000 or so in Eastern Iowa.

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