A moving story

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A friend sent us this story about organizing at a small hip business in New York earlier this year. Earlier we ran another story about organizing in places with a leftist or counterculture veneer. If you’ve got similar experiences, please post them as a comment here, or send us an email. As this piece notes, the organizing at this company in New York continues. We hope to hear more about it and wish them good luck. (more…)

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Another Review of Fighting for Ourselves

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Review of Fighting for Ourselves
By Nate Hawthorne

In October you should get a copy of a new pamphlet called Fighting for ourselves: anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle by the UK revolutionary organization Solidarity Federation or SolFed for short. SolFed gave us permission to post some excerpts of the pamphlet and reviews. All radicals should read it, particularly IWW members and people in anarchist political organizations. (more…)

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