Monthly Archives: July 2012

Developing Workers Autonomy: An Anarchist Look At Flying Squads

This post reprints an article that first appeared in issue 8 of The Northeastern Anarchist, which featured several articles on the theme “Anarchists in the Workplace. The Northeastern Anarchist is a publication of Common Struggle, formerly known as the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC). This article describes organizations of mutual support and struggle built by Canadian workers. Continue reading

The Teamsters Raid on the UTU

This article is based on several interviews with workers that IWW members spoke with while supporting a couple strikes at Canada National Rail. The piece deals with the politics of the several unions who were all vying to become the One Big Union on the railways. It’s also worth looking at the rhetoric and practice of current contemporary Industrial Unionism and the revolutionary vision of the early 20th Century. There’s a lot of talk about mergers and consolidation right now in the labour movement. This is something pay attention to over the next few years. Continue reading