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C.L.C. sells out students!

C.L.C. sells out students!

Recent correspondence from Ken Georgetti (President of the Canada Labour Congress) and Michel Arsenault of the FTQ (Provincial Labour Central of Quebec) and various officers in the broader Anglophone Labour Movement sends a clear message: labour jurisdiction trumps labour solidarity. Arsenault, and through his endorsement, Georgetti  believe that this is the time to “facilitate a settlement instead of fueling fires”. Continue reading

What we’re changing

In this post M. Jones talk abouts how organizing on the job changes the job.

What We’re Changing
By M. Jones

In our organizing we are trying to establish power on the job. This power can be seen and felt in different ways depending on the job. But what we want from our organizing is control over our day to day lives on the job, this control will come from the power we can establish through collective action. Continue reading