Building the One Big Union

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In this article Alex Erikson suggests some points for IWW members to emphasize as we continue to build our organization. A version of this piece appeared recently in the Industrial Worker newspaper. (more…)

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Think It Over

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All of us in the Recomposition editorial group are members of the Industrial Workers of the World. This is a good introduction to the IWW, written by Tim Acott, a long-time IWW member from Portland.

Think It Over: An introduction to the Industrial Workers of the World
by Tim Acott


Working people have only one real option in today’s economy. We have to resist, with all our might, the big business program of further and deeper poverty for working people. For the first time in modern history profits are going up while wages and benefits are going down. In the past the two have always been tied, however unequally. Now the game has changed. Worse impoverishment and more of it is the wave of the future if we don’t stand against the tide. The working conditions we see today in Asia and Central America are a good indication of the future of our own working lives in the “Western Democracies.”

We have only one hope of fending off this tidal wave of misery. That hope, that tool, is solidarity. Every working stiff must stand up for every other working stiff, no matter where you live or where you come from, no matter if you are male or female, young or old, we must stand together. Every loss to any worker is a loss to us all, and every gain by any part of the working class is a victory for us all. (more…)

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Swept Under The Rug and Left for Dead

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Our friend Lou send us this article. All of us in the Recomp editorial group are strongly feminist, though you wouldn’t always know that because we don’t talk much about it here. One of the things we sometimes struggle to articulate is that our focus on the waged workplace is part of our feminism. A lot of workplace struggles are feminist struggles. Lou’s account of an incident in the food service industry shows this.

Swept Under The Rug and Left for Dead; How, According to the Boss, Swearing is Worse than Harassment

by Lou Rinaldi

At the beginning of the summer some trouble came to my little restaurant. Our store has a history of going through assistant managers like water, they’re in and they’re out. (more…)

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The Work and the Job

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This essay by a comrade in the Wild Rose Collective speaks to something we talk about a lot here at Recomposition – the ways our jobs limit our lives. As the piece says, different people’s lives are limited in different ways and some people really do have it worse than others. Work still sucks, though, even if some people have it worse.

The Work and the Job

“I don’t think I’m cut out to be an employee.”

It was a bitter joke. My friend had just finished venting about one of her two jobs. She was typing to me just after getting bossed around on the smallest details of her job at a small nonprofit. After that, she had an evening as a temp to look forward to, grading middle-school standardized tests. She had said that working so much was starting to mess with her head. She hadn’t played music in too long. Too much of her life went to satisfying somebody else. (more…)

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